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International German evening

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Listen Speak Taste

Then the “International German evening” is the right place for you.

You have the opportunity, together with some native German speakers and other foreigners to speak, read and learn colloquial German. The evening is not about correct German grammar or spelling, but rather to understand and be understood in German. Good and helpful communication is the goal of every evening.

The conversations of every evening cover interesting and universal topics, like: culture, history, politics, religion, art, science, sports, health and many more.

You are welcome to ask questions and share your opinion with us.
You can listen or partake in the discussions.

We want to respect and appreciate each other, because every one of us is an individual and has special talents and experiences.

There are no exams nor do we expect any higher level of German, thus we do not charge any fees.
We always serve a light dinner, for those who would like to partake, e.g. stew (vegetarian and “halal”).

We believe that we can all learn from another, listen to each other and have fun.
We are looking forward to meeting you.